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We’ve sold thousands of rare coins, currency, collectible tokens and medals over the years. Below are just a few that we really enjoyed.


We’ll look to add more in the near future for your enjoyment, so please check back with us. If you’re interested in learning more about any of these or similar coins, just contact us.

1907 St. Gaudens $20 High Relief Wire Rim – PCGS MS63

Beautiful, original golden color with lustrous surfaces and strong eye appeal. Conservatively graded, this coin was quickly placed in an advanced collection. St. Gaudens $20 coins are considered by many to be one of the most aesthetically pleasing and historic US coins and it’s hard to argue with examples like this.

St Gaudens Coin Front and Back

George Washington’s First Inauguration – 1789 Button with the legends “LONG LIVE THE PRESIDENT” and “GW”
Our country’s first inauguration was held April 30, 1789 and this button was distributed to commemorate the occasion. This very choice example shines the light on our independence, and we were proud to place this in another advanced collection. Charlotte Rare Coins is more than just rare coins and currency. We really enjoy working with Early Americana, colonial coins, currency and historical items.

George Washington Inauguration Button


(1842-52) Augustus Bechtler Gold $1 27 Grains / 21 Carats – PCGS MS62 CAC 
Living in the Carolinas, we enjoy handling examples of Bechtler Territorial Gold coins on a consistent basis. The “27/21” is a perfect type example and this particular coin is a gem. Given this was privately made, the strike is crisp and the color is superior. This is another example that quickly found a home.

Augusts Bechtler Gold 1 Dollar 27 Grains coin front and back

Transylvania 1621 Thaler – NGC AU50

We’ve handled many foreign coins, but few evoke a stronger response than those from Transylvania! It certainly has a “cool factor” in addition to being historic. European thalers and other world crown coins (approximately silver dollar size) are one of the most popular types around the world and Charlotte Rare Coins is active in this market.

Transylvania Thaler Coin Front and Back
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