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We work with many different kinds of clients:

  • Families that currently have collections

  • Estate Executors working with inherited collections

  • Estate Planning Legal Professionals

  • Trust Departments

In working with our clients to either appraise or purchase a collection, Charlotte Rare Coins can perform the following kinds of appraisals:


  • Fair Market Value (e.g. Divorce, Estates, Bankruptcy). Unfortunate events do happen, and Charlotte Rare Coin can ease that burden in making a fair market currency appraisal, and provide recommendations on splitting assets.

  • Equitable Division among heirs. If heirs want to either keep or sell a collection, Charlotte Rare Coin can perform a coin collection appraisal to meet their needs.

  • Insurance (Retail Replacement Value). Charlotte Rare Coin can perform an appraisal to determine your coin collection value for insurance and/or loss prevention purposes.

  • Catalogs of collections (e.g. Pictures, Descriptions, Value). Some clients want an extended appraisal including pictures, etc. of each item. Charlotte Rare Coin can assist in the initial evaluation and help prioritize your collection to maximize its value to you and reduce unnecessary costs.

Other Collectibles

Often estates contain more than just coins and currency. Charlotte Rare Coin has a network of other collectibles professionals that can ease the stress of a difficult time. We can even coordinate the process for you to make it easier.
Please contact us regarding your needs and how we can help.




After inheriting the contents of my dad’s coin and stamp shop, I lugged small heavy boxes around for years before working with a company I felt I could trust to offer fair market value and be sensitive to the time my dad put into each cardboard flip. That company was Charlotte Rare Coins (CRC). Wanting to be a good steward of my dad’s collection, it was an emotional meeting for me the first few times that the CRC Senior Numismatist was meticulously sorting through the sometimes organized, and sometimes not so much, binders and boxes. I had a relatively good sense of the value, and CRC consistently came in higher than what I was hoping for. From the beginning, it was important to me that my “dealer” be a long-standing member of ANA because of their credibility and high standard of ethical values. At that time, The CRC Senior Numismatist had been, and continues to be, a Life Member of ANA for over 20 years. I don’t normally write testimonials, but when the opportunity presented itself, I happily volunteered. Thank you Charlotte Rare Coins not only for your professionalism, but now also for your friendship over the last year.


Private seller - Belmont, NC

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