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Estate Planning with Numismatic Estate Services

At Numismatic Estate Services, we provide appraisal services for estate planners who need to determine the value of a rare coin and currency collections on behalf of a client or family member. Our team works with legal professionals and trust departments across the United States to appraise rare coin collections as well as currency, tokens, and medals.

Types of Appraisals We Perform

We work with our clients to perform many different types of appraisals. Here are the areas where we can help in the estate planning process:

Estate Tax, Probate: Fair Market Value determined by U.S. Tax Code

Estate Planning and Equitable Distribution for Estates: Usually Fair Market Value

Insurance Coverage: Replacement Value

Loan Collateral: Usually Forced Liquidation Value

Collection Catalogues: Document the collection for easy identification and reference, customized to contain the information your client requires.

Why Work With Numismatic Estate Services?

To ensure your client’s assets are managed to meet their goals, it’s important to account for rare coin and currency collections. To do that you need a trusted and experienced team to provide your appraisal services.

Our rare coin appraisals provided by a Senior Numismatist who is a Life Member of the American Numismatic Association (ANA). An ANA Life Member follows a set of ethical standards when evaluating coins, currency, tokens, and medals. These standards cover Numismatic Estate Services both as individual members and coin appraisers.

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