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Charlotte Rare Coins has a network of professionals for other types of estate antiques and collectibles. We realize that many estates can have many collections beyond coins and currency. Here is a list of some other kinds of assets within our network:


  • Jewelry. Many estates have antique jewelry and it’s not unusual to find hidden treasures. Our professional GIA network can assist in appraising your jewelry and providing clear, honest information about the condition and quality of your items.

  • Stamps. Many coin and currency collectors have also collected stamps. We have a strong network and have successfully assessed stamp collection value and sold a number of collections on behalf of our clients.

  • Sports Cards. (e.g. Baseball, Football, etc.). Americans love sports and we often see a variety of sports cards included. Like with coins and currency, condition along with rarity are very important.

  • Historical Documents. Collectors often have documents, signatures and books from famous people accompanying coin and stamp collections. George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, John Hancock, and Albert Einstein are just some of our favorites.

  • Antiques. Estates often include antiques and Charlotte Rare Coins can assist in coordinating an appraisal.

  • Art. Many coin and currency collectors see their collection as “art,” so we see this more often than you may think. We’ve seen some surprisingly nice art in our clients’ estates.

  • Vintage Clothing. We have helped several estates containing vintage clothing and have established relationships with specialty shops in the area.

Everyone in the Charlotte Rare Coins network is someone we have worked with in the past and have had a positive experience. Charlotte Rare Coins will coordinate with our network of experts to make the appraising and selling of these items easier for you.
Please contact us regarding your needs and how we can help.

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