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Some of our clients are focused on buying coins, currency and/or bullion as investment opportunities or market hedges against an economic downturn. Investing in gold and silver coins as well as other rare collectibles is an area where Charlotte Rare Coins is very active. We can provide guidance on the best coins to invest in, and and why in order to assist our customers invest their money wisely. 


We offer a number of services to meet your investment needs including:

  • Gold and silver bullion. Due to our large network of dealers, we can place large orders of US American Gold Eagles, Canadian Maple Leafs, Chinese Pandas, Krugerrands, Silver Eagles, .999 silver rounds other types of bullion.

  • 90% US Silver. For clients interested in investing in silver coins, or small amounts of silver US coins, we can work with any budget. We also handle silver dollars, 40% silver, silver War nickels, etc.

  • Silver bags (Dollars, 90%). Some clients prefer bags of silver 10c/25c/50c US silver coins or US Silver dollars (1935 and before). We can get those ordered and shipped within one business day.

  • Converting coins into bullion. We have had a number of customers convert coin and currency collections into gold and silver bullion. Because of storage issues, some clients even convert silver bullion to gold bullion. Whatever your goals, we look to maximize your returns.

  • Investment Grade Rare Coins. Some clients look for fewer, but very high value coins as part of an overall investment portfolio. Charlotte Rare Coins can help with market analysis and make recommendations. Please note we will only work with clients who have expressed an interest in this area.


Please contact us regarding your needs and how we can help.


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