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We at Charlotte Rare Coins understand that most collections are personal. They represent something very important to each collector – individual experiences, a sense of family history, or simply a treasure that is rare and beautiful. We believe that, for this type of client, a deeper appreciation of how each collector sees coins and currency is essential. We strive to understand your goals and provide assistance in crafting a highly appealing collection. We believe building these quality relationships is extremely important and have many long-time clients who can attest to our commitment.

We have clients at different collecting levels and our philosophy is the same for everyone: Get the best coin and currency that fits your collection.
Charlotte Rare Coins gets to know our clients and helps them in reaching their goals. Everyone here started out as a collector so we understand your passion for rare and unique coins and currency. 


Services for Collectors
Charlotte Rare Coins offers a number of valuable collectible coin services to our clients:

  • One-on-one time to review your collection and understand what you want to collect.

  • Want Lists (We have an extensive coin, currency and token dealer network).

  • Third Party Grading Submissions (e.g. PCGS, NCG, PMG, etc.).

  • Auction Representation (We attend many major shows annually and can preview auction lots as well as perform floor bidding that can save you money!).


Here are some of our favorites that we’ve seen over the years.
Please contact us regarding your needs and how we can help

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My first initial dealings with Charlotte Rare Coins began when I brought them a collection of heavily toned Morgan dollars I had purchased on a whim.  I wanted to see if my coins would grade if sent off to NGC.  There was a question as to whether they were artificially or naturally toned.  CRC evaluated them, and in their opinion, the Morgans were naturally toned.  CRC further advised me as to the best way to submit my coins in a way that would result in the biggest cost savings per coin. They took care of packing, shipping and insurance.  I ended up saving more money by using them than handling it on my own. I do not know too many dealers that would go out of their way to provide such an added value to their customer.

I have continued to work with CRC and have always found them to be upfront, honest and willing to share their knowledge of coins.  I have built a great working relationship with them and in return CRC has turned me on to some great finds. I have found their advice to be invaluable.

KJ - Charlotte, NC



CRC has helped me build a great collection of world coins. They continually find great coins with high eye appeal. Terrific customer service and quick to respond to my inquiries!

DP – Charlotte, NC

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